Meet Nate, our 2016-17 Kan. Champion


Now over 6 feet tall, Nate has a unique view of the world — both from a physical perspective and an intellectual one. His childlike innocence allows him to see the good in everyone and everything around him.

Nate was born with a complex and uncommon set of heart defects, and a 30 percent chance of survival. His heart pumps backward; his blood is only oxygenated once; and he has loud murmurs and multiple holes in his heart chambers. Nate also suffers from a minor seizure disorder.

Though aware of his conditions, Nate seems oblivious to their constraints. He tires easily because he runs on less oxygen than everyone else, but has a fighting spirit that keeps him from giving up. Nate is happiest outdoors, listening to bird songs and trying to identify the species, playing in the sandbox and making up stories. He also has a passion for trains.

His mom shared a lesson we can all learn from: “Nate conquers his disability by being joyful.”

How donations helped Nate at St. Francis Foundation:  

CMN Hospitals donations help cover Nate’s prescription costs and travel expenses for out-of-town doctor visits and surgical procedures. They also purchased a stationary bike seven years ago and recently, a tandem bike called “big blue.” Each has greatly improved Nate’s quality of life by helping him stay active.

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